A self organised unconference for anyone with an interest in services in islands, wherever they may be (including the big one with Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London on it); and for anyone with connections to islands, however tenuous. Also (in May 2012 and May 2015), an opportunity for visitors to Orkney to see puffins!

IslandGovCamp #IsleGC15 : Saturday and Sunday 30-31 May 2015
Kirkwall Grammar School, Orkney (and online)

(There will also be an island visit, and/or bus tour in Orkney on Friday 29 May 2015, for govcampers travelling to Orkney who can arrive a day or 2 early.)

Monday 2 April 2012

Sharing transport to #IslandGovCamp

Once again we are basing our efforts to facilitate this event entirely on the great ideas behind ScotGovCamp2 in September 2011. James Coltham reminded me in a tweet that there was a map (created by Nick)to encourage the sharing of transport to that event.

Ten minutes (and a bit of cutting, pasting and changing of names/dates) later, we have the map below, complete with instructions for use! So, if you are able to offer a lift, would like to travel on the train, ferry or plane in company, or have any other observations to make about your own personal travel and accommodation plans, please edit them into the map!

(Using the map shown below, most people will have to zoom out quite a bit, to find their journey's starting point! Alternatively, I think this link will allow you to start with a view of the whole of the UK, and zoom in.)

View #IslandGovCamp 2012 in a larger map

Sunday 1 April 2012

We need ideas for sessions - post them online now!

There is now an Ideascale community so that we can suggest and prioritise the sessions we want to see happening at IslandGovCamp: http://islandgovcamp2012.ideascale.com/ If you were involved in ScotGovCamp 2011, you will find this very familiar, as I have shamelessly lifted this idea from there!

If you don't already have one, you'll need to register an account with Ideascale, but I hope that won't put you off: the better the online debate in advance of the event, the more valuable the sessions we have will be!

On the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning (someone said this sounds like a film title!) I imagine we will have time for 10-15 sessions, depending on how many concurrent streams of activity we decide to have, so there should be scope for an interesting range of different topics, styles and interests!

To get the ball rolling, I've transferred my 3 initial suggestions from the Facebook page to the new site.